Meet The Team

At Howl, we have a diverse team which work around the clock ensuring our event is kept safe not only online but at the events too.

We have a dedicated confidential team chat to share ideas, information and safe-guarding to make our events as enjoyable as possible.

So, want to meet the official team? See below.

Sexuality: Pansexual
Pronouns: He/Him


Wolfie has a huge amount of empathy and is close to home with family and community vibes, having a background in event management, business and psychology. He’ll do anything for anyone and always tries to do the right thing. He loves meeting new people and is a listener.

He has a massive interest in music, beer, dogs and cars and likes to have a good time!

We asked him, what does Howl mean to you? 

“Howl means everything to me, it’s close and personal. I was involved with Howl since Day 1 as their DJ until I was handed the event. Howl is community for me, I’ve met an amazing group of people, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met to this day. Howl helped me massively with my mental health and gave me a purpose to grow and love this community as well as giving others a safe and social place without judgement. I will only continue to grow Howl and bring people together.”

Event Support/Glorified Bingo Caller
Sexuality: Queer
Pronouns: He/Him


Brute is a good doggo with a background in public relations and event management. Having been part of the kink scene since 2007 he has a wealth of experience. He’s also managed to successfully launch a club event in Birmingham which is still running to this day.

We asked him, what does Howl mean to you?

“Howl means community. Howl means giving a space safe to pups in the North East and beyond. A respite from a lot of the stress of daily life. It also means having an amazing social circle.”

Event Support/Raffle
Sexuality: Bisexual
Pronouns: She/Her


Bubbles has a background in bar work and customer services. She just wants to look after everybody and is a very cuddly pup with a passion for music and making a difference.

We asked her, what does Howl mean to you?

“Howl to me means somewhere safe that I can be myself without risking judgement or derogatory comments from others.”

Social Media Support
Sexuality: Demisexual
Pronouns: They/Them


Part-Time Puppy, Full-Time Focks Bartender. Cryptic has a fondness for Coding, Videogames & Art. Howl’s official Trash Fox with a proficiency in being socially awkward and stealing socks, hence ‘Focks’.

We asked them, what does Howl mean to you?

“Howl to me is comfort. It’s a place, event and group of people that I feel comfortable enough to be my true, trashy self. Over the years it’s been welcoming, accepting and has really helped me come a long way with my Social Anxiety <3”

DJ Drama
Sexuality: Gay
Pronouns: He/Him


DJ Drama Barnes DJs around the North of England for many events and as resident of the Howl 2.0 events since 2019. Offering quizzes, events, karaoke and theme nights with music styles of all sorts.

We asked him, what does Howl mean to you?

“Howl is a release from your daily stresses in life, it’s a chance to just let yourself be yourself and experience the events from an open minded prospective. It’s a safe LGBT+ pup event held in the North of England that brings people from all walks of life into a safe space for their shared love of pup play and I’m so proud to be part of the team.”

Sexuality: Bisexual
Pronouns: He/Him


I’m Nes, I’m the video game obsessed quiet guy you’ll see dotting around the events, if you see a nice looking guy with muscles, a toned flat stomach and a twinkish flair while telling you how much of a good mood he’s in, then that’s not me. Try again.

We asked him, what does Howl mean to you?

“Howl is a great social event to make new friends and even reconnect with old ones while letting you be yourself in an environment you can always trust. You’ll always look forward to the next one.”

Unofficial Team (Volunteers)

Sexuality: Pansexual
Pronouns: Any


They’re a cat. They hate everyone equally. They also push things off surfaces just for the lulz.

We asked them, what does Howl mean to you?

Howl represents my first step on the path to global domination via the medium of pet play. As the feline matriarch of pup horde, Howl provides me with the energetic servants needed to accomplish my goals, whilst I get my much needed 22 hours of beauty sleep.

The cuddles, scritches, and sense of belonging are cool too, I guess.”

Sexuality: Queer
Pronouns: He/Him


Noctis is one of the more lively pups, happy and very much on the bouncy side, also known to be up to no good. Always happy to help out when can, especially for a community that has been there for him…. also treats!

A massive music lover and geeky gaming pup. Can be found either gaming or dancing on/or round something.

We asked him, what does Howl mean to you?

“Howl is a safe and friendly place where I can explore my pup side without having to worry about any judgement. They have been some of the nicest bunch to be around.”



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