At Howl 2.0, as we’re starting to grow, we wanted to share with you some first time experiences of newbies coming to our events and what they had to say.

@Wolfyfox89 – “Are you looking to get to know pups but you are too anxious? Are you a pup yourself and just want to unleash your inner pup and bark your lungs out and chase your own tail? Howl is the perfect place to start. Whether you are anxious of meeting new people or going new places the Howl team is there to look after you at any stage of your attendance.

Friendly atmosphere with lovely pups to go crazy with at the play area, responsible and well organised staff. Everyone can feel the welcoming atmosphere from the moment you get there.

It’s up to you how you want to spend your time at Howl. You can socialise and drink with the new friends you just made, or go to the play area and chase a ball or challenge other pups and see who’s stronger. You can just sit at the table, observing playful pups; it’s up to you! You don’t have to say a single word to enjoy yourself at Howl, barking, yipping and yapping, meowing and making other silly pet noises will do just fine! Everything under the caring eye of Howl staff looking after you and making sure you are safe and happy.

Unique experience worth waiting for each month.” 03/03/2020.

@Pup Teddy – “This was my first time attending any sort of pup event, but it definitely won’t me my last.
Everyone there is nice, friendly and made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in. Talking to Wolfie helped me alleviate any worries I had before coming and was always on standby to lend a paw. The Howl venue is great all around! Easy to locate, big enough to have space for everyone to socialise or pup out and the bar staff are just as friendly.
I’d recommend Howl to any pups, new to the scene or not, its a friendly comfortable environment for everyone!
12/10 would go again!” 20/07/2019.

@Puprah “Before this I have never been to any kind of event due to anxiety and worries, from the start I was warmly welcomed and put to ease, the event is well organised, relaxed and fun too, I found myself at ease quickly and I got to know so many new people by the end. The staff are helpful and experienced, and they are people from all backgrounds. The event goers are also kind and welcoming, a couple of them guided me to the event so I knew where I was going. I’d recommend Howl to both people new to the scene, wanting to test the waters and to veteran pups who enjoy a friendly and playful atmosphere. 20/10 the best experience I’ve had so far” 16/06/2019.

@NoctisPup “As a fairly new pup, I’ve not really had chance to actually pup out properly. This was first pup event I’ve been to and I can honestly say that you couldn’t ask for a better environment to be in. Choice of venue is great with enough space to socialise with others or area to pup out in. All the staff are very friendly and helpful, along with all those who attend. Definitely felt welcomed and comfortable there.
I would definitely recommend any pup either living round here or up visiting, to pay Howl a visit. You really wouldn’t be disappointed and you’ll make some amazing friends.
Also a special mention to DJ Drama who made a guest DJ appearance at this event. Much loved on the scene anyway but was a great laugh and did a great set. He really got in to it all too and may now be a converted pup himself lol. I genuinely think he is still looking for that squeaky shoe toy to this day.
Awesome event guys, you do amazing work and should be very proud of everything you do for the community
” 20/05/2019.

@PupTrumpet (Mr. Puppy UK 2019) In April 2019 myself and Pup Zeus visited the Howl 2.0 event.
We found the team helpful and enthusiastic, the venue a good size and the equipment adequate for the number of visitors.
There was a very relaxed feel to the event and yet again I ended up leading the dancing (I really must stop drinking at events lol). The raffle was well run and every one who attended received a free ticket on entry.
After the event we were taken to a pub for after event drinks.
A very social group and I look forward to seeing them again soon.” 08/05/2019.

@RenoThePup “Howl was my first ever pup event and I’m really grateful for this being my introduction to the scene. Everyone at the event was extremely friendly and supportive making sure I felt comfortable throughout the event despite some personal issues I’ve been going through. Special thanks to Wolfie and his pack for putting up with me for the weekend. 100% recommend to anyone ever thinking about going to a pup event! *hugs*” 18/03/2019.

BrightPup – “This was my first time at any kind of pup event and I immediately felt incredibly welcome. Everyone was really friendly and kind, and Wolfie was a huge help in alleviating my anxiety and concerns going in. Great atmosphere, good people and really just a fun time! Thanks to the organization team for putting together this event, and to Wolfie for taking care of me and making sure I felt welcome.” 16/03/2019.

@HunterPup93 – “Howl was one of my first pup events in several years, having been out the scene for a while. With a friendly, relaxed atmosphere making me feel welcome, I couldn’t have asked for a better event as a reintroduction to the pup scene. The friendly pups there made me feel right at home very quickly, and I was able to make new friends and re-establish old ones. Although I didn’t make use of it at my first event, there was plenty of space to pup out, or to just relax and have a drink and a chat. I’d recommend Howl to any pup, whether you’re new to the scene and wanting to dip your paw in, or a veteran just looking for a change of scene, Howl is definitely a great place to pup!” 15/02/2019.

@PupSindri – “What a great event! Had been wanting to go for ages and am so glad I finally plucked up the courage to. Awesome, fun, friendly atmosphere, and a really nice bunch of people. Very chilled out and easy going event. Much love to Arlo for looking after me. And to Wolfie and the rest of the organisation team!” 26/01/2019.

@slavefoxie – “Was made to feel welcome from the start; was welcomed warmly both to the event and telegram group. A very fun and friendly bunch with a great atmosphere (even though wolfie’s music taste is questionable xD) Much love and looking forward to what the future brings for this event…” 24/01/2019.

@pupDinky – “Being the first time at as a pup at a pup event I felt totally at ease. Props to @DeltaBrute for putting up with me most of the evening and to everyone else there for just being awesome. Highly recommend attending if you can make it. They’re all a lovable bunch… Even the foxes…” 19/12/2018.

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