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Club Collared (Manchester & London)

UK’s friendliest kink night, no dress code, no attitude.
Check out the website for news, event pictures and the chance each event to be our VIP member!
Every 1st Saturday of the Month / 18:00-22:30 / Eagle Bar, Bloom St, Manchester
Every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month / 19:00-late / The Underground Club, London

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ClubLocked (Manchester)

Club Locked is a friendly male only fetish night. We aim to provide a safe, secure and friendly environment for all our members. 

Membership is open to people over 18 who are male. Of course that includes Trans men and other non-binary persons who present as male.

Every 3rd Saturday of the Month / 19:00-23:00 / Eagle Bar, Bloom St, Manchester


Club Scritches (Birmingham)

Club Scritches is a pup event held at the award winning Eden Bar in Birmingham’s gay village every 4th Saturday of the month.

Who can attend? – 
Scritches is inclusive of all and designed to be a safe and relaxing environment for all kinds of pet play enthusiasts.

Whats on offer?
Soft play area, ball pit, changing facilities, exclusivity, friendly pups, great venue, competitions and prizes!

How much does it cost?
Scritches is 100% free!
Eden has supplied the venue free of charge, but buying a drink or two will go a long way!
Every 4th Saturday of the Month / 14:00-19:00 / Eden Bar, 116 Sherlock Street, Birmingham

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Dog House (Stoke)

Doghouse was born in January 2017 and was setup to provide a safe place in the midlands for pups, and other animals, to meet and play. It’s steadily grown to boast over 100 members, most of which are local to the midlands and the northwest.

Whether it’s your first time being a pup, you’ve been on all fours for years, or you just want to see what the fuss is all about, come join us for a relaxed, friendly Pup Event.

This year the Doghouse is proud to be the home of Mr Puppy UK 2019.
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month / 13:00-18:30 / Gossip Nightclub, Stoke, ST1 5BT


Kennel Klub (Manchester)

If you are looking for a welcoming, judgement-free place to come and explore or learn about pup play then Kennel Klub is a great choice! The event has a friendly atmosphere, great music, padded flooring and advise on hand from the many staff. Whether you are a seasoned old dog or a new Puppo – you’ll fit right in and have a great time.
Every 1st Saturday of the Month / 12:00-17:00 / Bar Pop, Canal Street, Manchester



Safe for Work Pet Play event which is based in Reading. It is for all pets including pups, bunnies, ponies, primal and furries.
We want to be inclusive no matter of gender, sexual orientation or gear.
We will have little areas, play area, stage area and some stalls including Fetch.
It costs £5 on the door (cash only) but can pay card at the bar.
Every 3rd Sunday of the Month / 12:00-17:00 / FaceBar, Ambrose Pl, Reading, RG1 7JE


Pup Out (London)

So we keep getting asked what pup out is and what do you do there. Simply put, pup out is somewhere where you can do exactly that! Pup out and be yourself. (Pup out is not restricted to being a pup you can be any type of human pet or handler and even some hooman). We have a massive ball pit and balls to go in it. Lots of toys and balls with squeaky things in and also beds for when you want to relax. So as the name says you just pup out and be yourself! There is a pre-meet for anyone who would like to meet up somewhere a little more public and a smaller group to start off with every pup out. This will help you to get a feel of what the group is like before going to the event and hopefully will help you relax more into it. The venue also has a wide variety of food to choose from and also a BIG selection of drinks (including some very very pricey bottles of Champagne, Vodka, Gin and other spirits ;P). That is the main event that happens on the third Saturday of the month. We also hold a smaller event which is a board games day. All board games are brought by members of the group and you can even bring your own along to give more variety to the game pool. This is a more relaxed atmosphere so no gear here apart from hoods really. There is also a selection of food on offer and drinks as well. We all look forward to seeing you at one or both of our events and wish you all the best in pupping. Arf Arf Arf!
Every 3rd Saturday of the Month / 11:00-18:00 / Loop Bar, 19 Dering Street, London


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